Winter Break Project Work Class 10 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 10 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 10 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break





Q1.         “GST is a historic decision introduced by the government of India. However, its implementation will face a

massive resistance”. Explain the statement along with the solution for a better tax regime in the state.

Q2.         India possess a composite culture and religious faith. Despite several onslaughts on our fabric of life, we

have demonstrated a zeal of “unity in diversity” from time to time. In the light of given statement describe

the power and sustainability of Indian polity.

Q3.         Write a letter to the Editor of The Times of India expressing your concern of rising population.



Q1.         AD is a median of triangle ABC. The bisector of angle ADB and angle ADC meet AB and AC in E and F respectively.

Prove that EF || BC.

Q2.         Two triangles BAC and BDC right angled at A and D respectively, are drawn on the same base BC and on the

same side of BC. If AC and BD intersect at P, prove that AP x PC = DP x PB.

Q3.         Through the midpoint of the side CD of a ||gm ABCD, the line BM is drawn intersecting AC in L and AD produced

in E. Prove that EL = 2BL.

Q4.         Prove that the ratio of the areas of two similar triangles are equal to the ratio of the squares of their

corresponding sides.

Q5.         Solve Sample Paper 2017-18 for class X given on and 1- 3 sample papers of U-Like Sample

Paper 2017-18.



  1. Explain why stars twinkle but planets don’t.
  2. Explain myopia with its cause and cure.
  3. Explain the cleansing action of soap.
  4. Write the limitation of Mendeleev’s classification
  5. Draw a well labeled diagram of human heart.
  6. Draw a well labeled diagram of human brain.


Q1.       Briefly explain the unification of Italy.

Q2.         Explain the contribution Charles Dicken, Prem Chand and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya in the field of

English literature.

Q3.         Discuss all three challenges in politics with examples.

Q4.         Explain the reasons for the declining of Caste system in India.

Q5.         How has information and communication technology stimulated globalization? Explain with example.




Q1.         Prepare FIT practical file. Do the given practical on HTML and XML. The file must contain all the 15 practicals.

Submit the properly covered file.

Q2.         Prepare FIT project. Under it, you have to make your school’s website. You should create a home page and 4-5

other web pages which must be hyperlinked to the webpage. Use your creativity to make the website as

attractive as possible. Submit the printouts of the coding as well as output in the form of a proper project file.

Q3.         Revise the entire syllabus covered in the class till now so that you are better prepared for the final examinations.


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