Winter Break Project Work Class 11 A 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 11 A 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 11 A 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break





Q1.         “GST is a historic decision introduced by the government of India. However, its implementation will face a

massive resistance”. Explain the statement along with the solution for a better tax regime in the state.

Q2.         India possess a composite culture and religious faith. Despite several onslaughts on our fabric of life, we

have demonstrated a zeal of “unity in diversity” from time to time. In the light of given statement describe

the power and sustainability of Indian polity.

Q3.         Write a letter to the Editor of The Times of India expressing your concern of rising population.



Q1.         Find  the equation of the lines through the point (3,2) which make an angle of 45° with the line x – 2y = 3.

Q2.         Find the equation of the line passing through the point of intersection of the lines 4x + 7y -3=0 and 2x-3y+1=0

that has equal intercepts on the axis.

Q3.         In what ratio, the line joining (-1,1) and (5,7) is divided by the line x+y = 4?

Q4.         Find the distance of the line 4x+7y+5=0 from the point (1,2) along the line 2x-y=0.

Q5.         Find  the image of the point (3,8) with respect to the line x+3y =7 assuming the line to be a plane mirror.



  1. Define capillarity and angle of contact. Derive an expression for the ascent of liquid inside a capillary tube where it is dipped in a liquid.
  2. A slab of stone of area 0.36m2 and thickness of 0.1m is exposed to the lower surface of steam at 100o A block of ice at 0oC rest on the upper surface of the slab. In one hour 4.8 Kg of ice is melted. Calculate the thermal conductivity of stone.
  3. State and explain Hooke’s law. A wire is fixed at one end and is subjected to increasing load at the other end. Draw a curve between stress and strain. Wie help of the curve, explain the term elastic limit, yield point, breaking point and permanent set. How this curve does may be used to distinguish between ductile and brittle substances
  4. Calculate the energy spent in spraying a drop of mercury of 1 cm radius into 106 droplets all of same size. Surface tension of mercury is 35 x 10-3 Nm-1?
  5. 27 identical drops of water are falling down vertically in air each with a terminal velocity of 0.15m/s. If they

combine to form a single bigger drop, what will be its terminal velocity?

  1. State and prove the Bernoulli’s principle. Give its two applications.


Q1          Draw well labelled diagram of Heart and Brain of Human beings?

Q2           Draw well labelled diagram of hormonal position of Human beings ?



Q1.         Do all the questions of Chapter-12 given in the exercise of NCERT.

Q2.         Write all the reactions of Chapter-13.

Q3.         Read chapter-14 and make its notes.



Q1.         Do the following questions in the assignment register :

  • Write a program in C++ to perform binary search on a 1-D array.
  • Write a program in C++ to perform a linear search on a 2-D array.
  • Write a program in C++ to find the sum of each row in a 2-D array.
  • Write a program in C++ to check whether a string is palindrome or not.
  • Write a program in C++ to find the sum of prime numbers till 40.

Q2.         Revise the syllabus covered till now in the class.

Q3.         Complete and submit your  practical file. The file should contain all the C++ programs done in the class.

Submit the properly covered file.



Q1.         Learn and write question and answers and learn extra questions of Chapter – 5,6,7,8,9.

Q2.         Do the following practicals in Record File :-

  • Write benefits of Medicine Ball.
  • Measure BMI of ten members from family or neighbourhood and show graphical representation of the data.
  • Draw a neat diagram Standard Track with all its specifications. Mention all the Track and Field Events.

Mention the latest records at Indian world and Olympic level  Badminton, Judo, Swimming, Table Tennis

Taekwando and Tennis.

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