Winter Break Project Work Class 11 C 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 11 C 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 11 C 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break





Q1.         “GST is a historic decision introduced by the government of India. However, its implementation will face a

massive resistance”. Explain the statement along with the solution for a better tax regime in the state.

Q2.         India possess a composite culture and religious faith. Despite several onslaughts on our fabric of life, we

have demonstrated a zeal of “unity in diversity” from time to time. In the light of given statement describe

the power and sustainability of Indian polity.

Q3.         Write a letter to the Editor of The Times of India expressing your concern of rising population.



Q1. What is citizenship?

Q2. What is full and equal membership?

Q3. How equal Rights important for citizenship?

Q4. What do you mean by universal citizenship?

Q5. Define nationalism

Q6. How is the felling of nationalism arose n the nation

Q7. Differentiate between nationalism and pluralism

Q8. What is Secularism?

Q9. Why secularism is important

Q10. Write the criticisms of India secularism?



Q1. What is Aborigines

Q2. Write a short note on gold rush

Q3. Who was captain cook?

Q4. Why natives people loss their lands?

Q5. What were the basic reasons that people start migrating from European to American countries

Q6. What are the different sources to know the indigenous people



  1. How inflation can also hit the rich industrialists?
  2. Do you think inflation in India is specifically related to food inflation? If yes, give reasons in support of your answer.
  3. State the indicators which are used to measure inflation?
  4. Discuss the causes of cost-push inflation.
  5. Explain briefly the causes of demand-pull inflation.




Q1.         Prepare a practical file of IP. Do all the java applications we have covered till now in the file. Submit the

properly covered file.

Q2.         Do the following questions in the assignment register :

  • Differentiate between while and do while loop.
  • Differentiate between if and switch statements.
  • How is checkbox component different from radio buttons?
  • Explain the following methods: getSelectedvalue(), isSelected(), getSelectedIndex()
  • Differentiate between ‘=’ and ’==’ operators.

Q3.         Revise the syllabus covered till now in the class.




Q1.         Learn and write question and answers and learn extra questions of Chapter – 5,6,7,8,9.

Q2.         Do the following practicals in Record File :-

  • Write benefits of Medicine Ball.
  • Measure BMI of ten members from family or neighbourhood and show graphical representation of the data.
  • Draw a neat diagram Standard Track with all its specifications. Mention all the Track and Field Events.

Mention the latest records at Indian world and Olympic level  Badminton, Judo, Swimming, Table Tennis

Taekwando and Tennis.

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