Winter Break Project Work Class 7th 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 7th 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 7th 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break




Q1.         Write a speech on “GST (Goods & Service Tax)” using your own ideas. You may also take help from Internet.

Q2.         Indians are adopting western culture very quickly but we are also forgetting the values of our own culture

in  modern times. Give your views in support of this topic.

Q3.         In your own language, write a story on the movie “Padmavati”. Do you like it or not. Give reason.




Q1.         If triangle ABC is congruent to triangle XYZ, write all the corresponding congruent parts of the triangles.

Q2.         Draw a line parallel to line segment AB = 8cm at a distance of 4.5cm.

Q3.         Find the area of a square, the length of whose diagonal is 10cm.

Q4.         The length and breadth of a rectangular park are 60m and 40m. Find the area of the park and the cost

Of planting grass in it at Rs 20 per sq metre.

Q5.         Construct a triangle ABC in which AB = 7cm, angle A = 60° and angle B = 30°. Find the measure of angle C.

What type of triangle is ABC?



Q1.         Mention the major patrons of Kathak.

Q2.         Why were temples built in Bengal?

Q3.         How did topography affect the growth of human settlements?

Q4.         Give reason-

  • Markets are important places in our neighbourhood.
  • Availability of things affects the access to markets.
  • Wholesalers keep stocks of articles in huge bulks.

Q5.         On the physical map of India, show the following

  • Four major sea-ports of India
  • Four important airports of India
  • National highway NO.-1


Q.1 Draw a labelled diagram of a complete flower.

Q.2 Can you use a copper wire to make the filament of an electric bulb? Why?

Q.3 Wie help of diagram show, how does electric bell work?

Q.4 Write a short notes on “Hans Christian Oersted”.

Q.5 Write down the characteristics features of asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction with examples .



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