Winter Break Project Work Class 8 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 8 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break

Winter Break Project Work Class 8 2017-18 Activities Christmas Break






Q1          What do you know about the author ‘ Ruskin Bond’?  Wie help of your book or internet, express your knowledge in few lines.

Q2          There are many people who have gained international fame for their accomplishments in different fields inspite of having some physical disabilities in their lives. Write about any five personalities who got victory against all odds and who have inspired you the most.

Q3          Find 30 words from newspaper or magazine, write them in your notebook with meanings.

Q4          Proect-1 (Caring for the Environment) Page- 97(M.C.B.) Recycle old T-Shirt into handy tote bags and show that you really care for the environment. Use the bags yourself or give them to needy children or sell them to stores to raise money for the school!

Q5          Define ‘ Imagery’, ‘Irony’, ‘Satire’ and ‘ Pun’ with the help of (LR – pg 50,58,63)




Q1.         Draw a cube of side 2cm on the isometric dot paper.

Q2.         Write the number of faces for the following solids: Hexagonal Pyramid, Square Pyramid, Tetrahedron,

Rectangular prism.

Q3.         Verify the Eulers formula for the triangular prism.

Q4.         The volume of a cylinder is 12,320 cubic cm. Find the height if its radius is 14cm.

Q5.         The surface area of a cube is 2400 sq cm. Find the volume of the cube.

Q6.         Draw a bar graph to represent the number of children in the 20 families of a society:





Q1          How will you identify to an adolescent?

Q2          Prepare a model of kaleidoscope.

Q3          We should not use water to extinguish fires caused due to electrical short circuits. Why?

Q4          Prepare a chart of different hormones secreted by endocrine glands.

Q5          Collect the information related to height from your classmates and then find their expected full height.




Q1.         What do you mean by National School of Art? Why did some artists want to develop it?

Q2.         Why did some artists tried to produce cheap popular prints? What influence they expecting

To have on the minds of the people?

Q3.         Briefly explain the similarities between information technology industry in Bengaluru &

Silicon Valley. (California in U.S.A.)

Q4.         What is Untouchability? What are its different forms?

Q5.         How far do you agree with the view that the social & economic marginalization are





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