Multilingualism Linguistic heterogeneity and multilinguality in India


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dc.coverage.spatialLife Science
dc.description.abstractMultilingualism can be defined as an occurrence regarding an individual speaker who uses two or more languages, a community of speakers where two or more languages are used, or between speakers of two languages. Indian multilingualism can be understood better in terms of heterogeneity. Linguistic heterogeneity in India is marked by the presence of five language families in India. Indian multilingualism is multi layered and complex. Every single language has many variations, which are based on caste, region, gender, occupation, age etc. An individual may use particular language at home, another in the office, and still another in various formal and informal domains. It is omnipresent in the life of its citizen. The dynamics of the relationship of the languages present in India is so unique that it makes Indian multilingualism unique in itself. The present work is an attempt to investigate into the nature of multilingualism in India. It also aims at evaluating the language policy of India, with a view to exploring the role of language policy in the maintenance and sustenance of multilingualism in India. The study will look into the different aspects of Indian multilingualism arising due to high diversity of Indian societies. The purpose of this study is to provide a descriptive and analytical analysis of Indian multilingualism. The study also takes into account a pilot survey for finding out the statistical support for attitude towards linguistic heterogeneity and multilinguality. The survey was conducted using a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire was made seeking the knowledge of number of languages they know, about the medium of education and their views regarding the language policy of India. A total number of sixty students from the university campus were taken as respondents. The selection of the respondents was done on random basis. It does not make any explicit attempt for providing a critical account of power dynamics and politics behind language planning and policy.
dc.titleLinguistic heterogeneity and multilinguality in India: a linguistic assessment of Indian language policies
dc.creator.researcherNaheed Saba
dc.subject.keywordIndian language policies
dc.description.noteBibliography p.197-223, Appendix p. 224-226
dc.contributor.guideFatihi, A R
dc.publisher.universityAligarh Muslim University
dc.publisher.institutionDepartment of Linguistics
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