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CBSE Class 10 DateSheet For Board Exams 2022 – 2023

CBSE Class 10 DateSheet For Board Exams 2022 – 2023

Download PDF CBSE Class 10 DateSheet For Board Exams 2022 – 2023

Exam Date


February 15, 2023

Painting, Rai, Gurung, Tamang, Sherpa, Thai

February 16, 2023

Retail, Security, Automotive, Introduction to, Introduction to tourism,

Beauty and wellness, Agriculture,

Food Production, Front Office Operation, Banking & Insurance,

Marketing & Sales, Health Care, Apparel, MultiMedia,

Physical Activity Trainer, Data Science

February 17, 2023

Hindustani Music (Vocal), Hindustani Music (Mel Ins),

Hindustani Music (Per Ins), Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy

February 20, 2023

Arabic, Tibetan, French, Russian, German, Persian, Persian, Nepali,

Limboo, Lepcha, Carnatic Music (Mel Ins), Carnatic Music (Vocal), Carnatic Music (Per Ins)

February 24, 2023

Urdu Course-A, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Manipuri, Urdu Course-B

February 27, 2023

English (Language and Literature)

March 1, 2023

Punjabi, Sindhii, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia, Assamese

March 2, 2023

National Cadet Corps, Telugu-Telangana, Bodo, Tangkhul, Japanese, Bhutia,

Spanish, Kashmiri, Mizo, Bahasa Melayu

March 4, 2023


March 6, 2023

Home Science, Multi Skill Foundation Course

March 9, 2023

Elements of Business

March 11, 2023


March 13, 2023

Computer applications, Information technology, Artificial Intelligence

March 15, 2023

Social Science

March 17, 2023

Hindi Course A, Hindi Course B

March 21, 2023

Mathematics Basic
Mathematics standard


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