SSC Contact, SSC Telephone Directory, SSC Helpline Numbers, SSC Email

SSC Contact, SSC Telephone Directory, SSC Helpline Numbers, SSC Email

Contacting SSC:

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is a renowned government organization in India responsible for conducting various recruitment examinations for government jobs. If you need to get in touch with SSC for inquiries, information, or assistance, there are several ways to do so.

1. SSC Official Website:

The primary source of information and contact details for SSC is their official website ( You can visit the website to find comprehensive information about examinations, results, notifications, and contact information. The website often provides the latest updates and announcements regarding SSC activities.

2. Telephone Directory:

SSC may have a telephone directory listing on its official website. This directory typically includes contact numbers for various SSC offices, regional and sub-regional offices, and key personnel. It’s a useful resource for contacting specific SSC offices based on your location or the nature of your inquiry.

3. Regional and Sub-Regional Offices:

SSC has multiple regional and sub-regional offices across India. These offices are responsible for conducting examinations and addressing regional queries. You can find contact details, including addresses and phone numbers, for these offices on the SSC website. Contacting the regional or sub-regional office nearest to you can often provide quick and accurate assistance.

4. Email Contact:

While SSC may not provide a central email address for general inquiries, they often have specific email contacts for different purposes or departments. These email addresses are listed on the official SSC website. If you have a specific query or need assistance related to a particular examination or process, you can use the relevant email contact provided.

5. Online Helpdesk:

Many SSC examinations have dedicated online helpdesks or portals where candidates can submit their queries. These portals allow candidates to raise concerns or seek clarification regarding their applications, admit cards, or results. You can find links to these helpdesks on the SSC website.

6. Social Media:

SSC may have official social media profiles on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Following these profiles can provide you with updates and announcements, and you may also be able to reach out for assistance through social media messaging.

Important Tips for Contacting SSC:

  1. Ensure that you are using official SSC contact information obtained from their official website to avoid potential scams or misinformation.
  2. Be clear and concise in your communication, providing all necessary details to receive accurate assistance.
  3. Be patient, as SSC offices may receive a high volume of inquiries, especially during examination periods.

In conclusion, contacting the SSC for inquiries or assistance is possible through various channels, including their official website, telephone directory, email contacts, regional offices, and online helpdesks. Using these resources, candidates and individuals can access information and support related to SSC examinations and recruitment processes.

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