OMR Sheet, OMR Sheet PDF – Optical Mark Reader

OMR Sheet, OMR Sheet PDF – Optical Mark Reader

Download OMR Sheet, OMR Sheet Print PDF – Optical Mark Reader

Instructions for Marking/darkening the bubbles in the OMR Answer Sheet

How to fill OMR Sheet

  1. Use blue ball point pens provided by AEES only for filling the sheets.
  2. Darken the bubbles completely. Don’t put a tick mark or a cross mark where it is specified that you fill the bubbles completely. Half-filled or over-filled bubbles will not be read by the software.
  3. Never use pencils to mark your answers.
  4. Never use whiteners to rectify filling errors as they may disrupt the scanning and evaluation process.
  5. Writing on the OMR Sheet is permitted on the specified area only and even small mark on other than specified area may create problem during the Evaluation.
  6. Do not fold the OMR Sheet.
  7. Multiple markings will be treated as invalid response (i.e. negative marking, if negative is applicable)

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