SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Question Paper For 10 September General Awareness

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Question Paper For 10 September General Awareness

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam Question Paper For 10 September General Awareness

EXAM DATE : 10 September

EXAM NAME : SSC Examination


Question 26.Which one of the following countries is not a member of the “BRICS” group?


1) Brazil
2) Russia
3) China
4) Indonesia

Correct Answer: Indonesia

Question 27. ‘Do or Die’ is associated with which of the movements in India’s freedom struggle


1) Dandi March
2) NonCooperation
3) Khilafat Movement
4) Quit India Movement

Correct Answer: Quit India Movement

Question 28.’Parsec’ is the unit measurement of


1) Density of stars
2) Astronomical distance
3) Brightness of heavenly bodies
4) Orbital velocity of giant stars

Correct Answer: Astronomical distance

Question 29.A collective term used by the Jains for their sacred books is


1) Prabandhas
2) Angas
3) Nibandhas
4) Charits

Correct Answer: Angas

Question 30.Which one of the following is not an instrument of Fiscal policy?


1) Open Market Operations
2) Taxation
3) Public borrowing
4) Public expenditure

Correct Answer: Open Market Operations

Question 31.At room temperature, the metal that remains liquid is:


1) Mercury
2) Platinum
3) Lead
4) Zinc

Correct Answer: Mercury

Question 32.Which is known as carbolic acid?


1) Phenol
2) Ethanol
3) Acetic acid
4) Oxalic acid

Correct Answer: Phenol

Question 33.On which river is the Tehri dam built?


1) Alakananda
2) Bhagirathi
3) Ganga
4) Hooghly

Correct Answer: Bhagirathi

Question 34.With which country, India has the longest international boundary?


1) Nepal
2) Pakistan
3) China
4) Bangladesh

Correct Answer: Bangladesh

Question 35.Which State in India has the largest coastline?


1) Tamil Nadu
2) Andhra Pradesh
3) Gujrat
4) West Bengal

Correct Answer: Gujrat

Question 36.Jog falls in Karnataka is located over which river?


1) Kaveri
2) Godavari
3) Saraswati
4) Krishna

Correct Answer: Saraswati

Question 37.In which of the following market forms, a firm does not exercise control over price?


1) Monopoly
2) Perfect competition
3) Oligopoly
4) Monopolistic competition

Correct Answer: Perfect competition

Question 38.Which one of the following areas of India is covered by tropical evergreen forest?


1) Semiarid
areas of Gujarat
2) Eastern Ghats
3) Western Ghats
4) Madhya Pradesh

Correct Answer: Western Ghats

Question 39.Which one of the following substances is normally found in urine?


1) Blood proteins
2) creatinine
3) red blood cells
4) white blood cells

Correct Answer: creatinine

Question 40.The thymus gland produces a hormone called


1) thyroxine
2) thymosin
3) thyronine
4) calcitonin
Correct Answer: thymosin

Question 41.Blood group AB has


1) No antigen
2) No antibody
3) Neither antigen nor antibody
4) Both antigen and antibody

Correct Answer: No antibody

Question 42.Which Vitamins are those, if taken in excess can be dangerous as they are stored in the body?


1) B Complex
2) E and C
3) B and C
4) A and D

Correct Answer: A and D

Question 43.Atomic explosion is triggered by


1) thermo nuclear reaction
2) chemical reaction
3) controlled chain reaction
4) uncontrolled chain reaction

Correct Answer: uncontrolled chain reaction
Question 44.The phenomenon of change in direction of light when it passes from one medium to another is called


1) Propagation
2) Reflection
3) Refraction
4) Dispersion

Correct Answer: Refraction

Question 45.Who has the right to decide whether a Bill is a money bill or not?


1) Speaker of Lok Sabha
2) Prime Minister
3) President
4) Finance Minister

Correct Answer: Speaker of Lok Sabha

Question 46.What is the name of portal launched by RBI recently to check illegal money collection?


1) Sahyog
2) Sahayata
3) Sampark
4) Sachet

Correct Answer: Sachet

Question 47.Which of the following is not an operating system


1) Android
2) Vista
3) iOS
4) Opera

Correct Answer: Opera

Question 48.Which pair of the following Indians has been selected for grant of Raman Magasaysay Award


1) Bezwada Wilson and T.M. Krishna
2) T.M. Krishna and Arvind Adiga
3) Arvind Adiga and Bezwada Wilson
4) T.M. Krishna and Satish Gujral

Correct Answer: Bezwada Wilson and T.M. Krishna

Question 49.The discretionary powers of a Governor is limited in


1) Appointment of Chief Minister
2) Dismissal of the Ministry
3) Dissolution of the Legislative Assembly
4) Assent to Bills

Correct Answer: Assent to Bills

Question 50.Who is the first law officer of the country?


1) Chief Justice of India
2) Attorney General
3) Law Minister
4) Solicitor General

Correct Answer: Attorney General

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