Manipur Board Syllabus Class 11th, 12th, COHSEM Syllabus XI, XII

Manipur Board Syllabus Class 11th, 12th, COHSEM Syllabus XI, XII

You can download the Manipur Board Syllabus Class 11th, 12th for Subjects 1) English, 2) Manipuri(MIL), 3) Hindi(MIL), 4) Assamese(MIL), 5) Bengali(MIL), 6) Mizo(MIL), 7) Nepali(MIL), 8) Tangkhul(MIL), 9) Hmar(MIL), 10) Paite(MIL), 11) ThadouKuki (MIL), 12) Zou(MIL), 13) Kom(MIL), 14) Vaiphei(MIL), 15) Ruangmei(MIL), 16) Mao La(MIL), 17) Gangte(MIL), 18) Alt.English, 19) Sanskrit (Elective),
20) Elective English, 21) Elective Manipuri, 22) Elective Hindi, 23) Elective Assamese, 24) Elective Bengali, 25) Economics, 26) Political Science, 27) History, 28) Geography, 29) Philosophy, 30) Sociology, 31) Psychology, 32) Education, 33) Fine Arts, 34) Music, 35) Manipuri Dance, 36) Home Science, 37) Mathematics, 38) Statistics, 39) Computer Science, 40) Geology, 41) Physics, 42) Chemistry, 43) Biology, 44) Anthropology, 45) Physical Health Education & Sports, 46) Biotechnology, 47) Engineering Drawing, 48) Business Studies , 49) Accountancy, 50) Thang-Ta, 51) Agriculture, COHSEM Syllabus XI, XII by clicking on the links listed below:


Manipur Board Syllabus Class 11th, 12th 2018-19, COHSEM Syllabus XI, XII All Subjects
1) English2) Manipuri(MIL)3) Hindi(MIL)
4) Assamese(MIL)5) Bengali(MIL)6) Mizo(MIL)
7) Nepali(MIL)8) Tangkhul(MIL)9) Hmar(MIL)
10) Paite(MIL)11) ThadouKuki (MIL)12) Zou(MIL)
13) Kom(MIL)14) Vaiphei(MIL)15) Ruangmei(MIL)
16) Mao La(MIL)17) Gangte(MIL)18) Alt.English
19) Sanskrit (Elective)20) Elective English21) Elective Manipuri
22) Elective Hindi23) Elective Assamese24) Elective Bengali
25) Economics26) Political Science27) History
28) Geography29) Philosophy30) Sociology
31) Psychology32) Education33) Fine Arts
34) Music35) Manipuri Dance36) Home Science
37) Mathematics38) Statistics39) Computer Science
40) Geology41) Physics42) Chemistry
43) Biology44) Anthropology45) Physical Health Education & Sports
46) Biotechnology47) Engineering Drawing48) Business Studies
49) Accountancy50) Thang-Ta51) Agriculture


And 15(fifteen) different Trades under Vocational stream-viz
1) Crop and seed Production Technology2) Office Management/Office Secretaryship3) Commercial Garment Designing and Making
4) Marketing and Salesmanship5) Textile Designing6) Sericulture
7) Food Preservation and Processing8) Building Maintenance9) Maintenance and Repair of Electrical Domestic Appliances
10) Agro-Industries11) Plantation Crops and Spices12) Medical Laboratory Technician
13) Journalism14) Inland Fisheries15) Poultry Production


The subjects under the Academic Stream are under 3(three) Groups of studies-(a) Arts, (b) Science and (c) Commerce; and each Trade under the Vocational Stream has three papers of the Trade to be taught in each class, i.e. paper I, II & III in Class XI and paper – IV, V & VI in Class XII. A student of Vocational Stream shall offer- (I) English, (2) MIL, (3) One Vocational Trade and (4) One more subject having no practical paper from the academic stream as additional subject.

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