Political Science: NCERT Books Class 12 PDF Download

Download Political Science Class 12 NCERT Books in PDF. CBSE has prescribed Part 1 & 2 of Political Science NCERT books for class 12. All schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education follow the same class 12 Political Science NCERT book. Getting high score in XII Political Science Board Exams is possible when student reads, understand and learn all concepts from NCERT book for class 12 Political Science. Also practice important topics and chapters from the NCERT exemplar based on new CBSE syllabus.

NCERT Books For Class 12 Political Science PDF Download

Class 12 NCERT Book Political Science Part 1 PDF Download

  1. Ch 1 The Cold War Era
  2. Chapter 2 The End of Bipolarity
  3. Chapter 3 US Hegemony in World Politics
  4. Ch 4 Alternative Centres of Power
  5. Chapter 5 Contemporary South Asia
  6. Chapter 6 International Organisations
  7. Ch 7 Security in the Contemporary World 
  8. Chapter 8 Environment and Natural Resources
  9. Chapter 9 Globalisation


Class 12 NCERT Book Political Science Part 2 PDF Download

  1. Ch 1 Challenges of Nation Building
  2. Chapter 2 Era of One party Dominance
  3. Chapter 3 Politics of Planned Development
  4. Ch 4 India’s External Relations
  5. Chapter 5 Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System
  6. Chapter 6 The Crisis of Democratic Order
  7. Ch 7 Rise of Popular Movements
  8. Chapter 8 Regional Aspirations
  9. Chapter 9 Recent Developments in Indian Politics

समकालीन विश्व राजनीति – NCERT Political Science / Civics Class 12th Books All Chapters in Hindi Medium

NCERT Political Science Part 1 in Hindi

NCERT Political Science Part 2 in Hindi

FAQs about Political Science Class 12, Pol Science Class 12, and NCERT Political Science Class 12:

  1. What is Political Science Class 12, and why is it important?

    • Political Science Class 12 is an academic course that delves into the study of political systems, theories, and governance at the 12th-grade level. It is important as it provides students with a deeper understanding of politics and government.
  2. What topics are covered in Pol Science Class 12?

    • Pol Science Class 12 covers a wide range of topics, including political theories, international relations, Indian politics, and more. It offers insights into the functioning of governments and political structures.
  3. Where can I find resources for studying Class 12 Political Science?

    • Resources for studying Class 12 Political Science, including textbooks and study materials, are often available at educational bookstores, libraries, and online platforms. The NCERT textbooks are commonly used for this purpose.
  4. Is there a Class 12 Political Science PDF available for download?

    • Yes, the Class 12 Political Science PDF is often available for download. You can search online for “Class 12 Political Science PDF download” to find reputable sources offering this resource.
  5. What is the importance of NCERT Political Science Class 12 textbooks?

    • NCERT Political Science Class 12 textbooks are widely used in India for their quality content and alignment with the curriculum. They provide a comprehensive understanding of political science topics.
  6. Are there any specific chapters or topics in Political Science Class 12 that are crucial for competitive exams?

    • Yes, certain chapters or topics in Political Science Class 12 are relevant for competitive exams, especially those related to Indian politics, international relations, and important political theories.
  7. Can Political Science Class 12 PDFs be accessed on mobile devices or tablets?

    • Yes, Political Science Class 12 PDFs are typically compatible with various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. You can read them on your preferred device for convenience.


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