SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT 1 [SA 1] Question Paper English Class 10 Term 1

SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT 1 SA 1 Question Paper English Class 10 Term 1 Latest New

SA 1 Question Paper English Class 10



Class – X

Maximum Marks: 70                                                                            Time: 3 hours


Instructions :

The question paper is divided into Three sections.

Section A          :          Reading                                                            20 marks

Section B          :           Writing & Grammar                                        25 marks

Section C         :           Literature & Long Reading Text                  25 marks



(READING :20 marks)


1Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :            (1×8)

Every time you pick up a glass of milk, pause and think how it made its way to your kitchen.  So, where is the milk coming from ?  Most states have village level dairy co-operatives and the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) guides and helps develop them. The NDDB website has an interesting fact : The dairy co – operative network in India, as on
March 2007, was owned by around 12.96 million farmer members, of whom 3.4 million were women.

When people become members of an organisation on equal terms and use their resources towards achieving common goals, it is called a co-operative.  Suppose a person with a cow has surplus milk, he or she might want to sell it and make some money.  In villages, the local trader or the middleman would buy this surplus milk at a price which suited him.  Then he would add water and sell it at a higher price.  Thus, the seller made no profit, the end buyer got diluted milk, but the trader minted money.

This is where a co-operative steps in.  The milk sellers form a co-operative.  They organise for the milk to be collected at village level and transport it to a plant where it can be pasteurized.  Then this milk is packed in pouches and transported to distributors at various towns and cities.  Here good quality milk is sold to the end buyer.  Co-operatives have a reputation for selling unadulterated goods and do not emphasise maximizing  profit.  Because every seller of milk is an equal member of the co-operative, they run a transparent organisation and work towards its growth.  This avoids traders and money lenders, increases ownership and accountability, ensures better voice of dairy farmers in management, gets them timely payments and provides them access to useful technical guidance and information.

The reason of the stupendous success of co-operatives in India can be summed up in one word – empowerment.  The sheer hard work of ordinary and marginalized dairy farmers, their unstinting co-operation with one another, an indomitable will to achieve a common goal, together with the visions of people like V. Kurien, the father of Indian dairy farming, milk co-operatives have scripted success stories like Amul, Verka and Operation Flood.  Today milk is country’s number one agricultural commodity. Thus both milk producers, mostly marginal, small and landless farmers and consumers, who get value for their money and healthy milk, are mutually benefitted.

(a)        What is a co-operative ?

(b)        How does NDDB help villages ?

(c)        Why do most people trust dairy co-operatives ?

(d)       Give a reason why milk co – operatives are successful.

(e)        How do co-operatives help the dairy farmers ?

(f)        How has the dairy farming scripted success stories ?

(g)        How have small farmers and consumers benefitted mutually ?

(h)       How do the traders earn big profits ?


2Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

(1)        Modernisation and advanced technology have brought with them the bane of sedentary lifestyle.  Easy availability of modern gadgets, corporate jobs, longer hours of sittings in offices etc.  have added to the problem.  All this leads to a greater risk of cardiovascular problems, obesity, arthritis, diabetes etc.

Cycling is one of the best forms of aerobic activity undertaken to keep fit.  It is a low-impact aerobic exercise, which works on the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and lower legs.  It also stretches and strengthens the lower back and stomach muscles.  With cycling, one lives longer and faces fewer problems in old age.


(2)        Cycling is an appropriate start for the beginners with joint problems and excess weight.  Cycle takes the weight of the body, putting less pressure on joints, and, therefore, it is considered a good from of exercise for people with joint problems.  For individuals who have lead inactive lives, cycling is an ideal start – up sport because of easy control.



(3)        Cycling should be included in the daily routine like going to work and performing household chores.  In  order to derive maximum benefit, cycling should be done at a good speed and with proper technique to avoid strain on the muscles and other parts of the body.


(4)        Steady cycling burns approximately 300 calories per hour.  You can ride with any speed or cover any distance, your fitness will definitely improve.  A lower amount of cycling improves one’s health and a higher amount improves fitness.  Therefore, 45 minutes of cycling six days a week improves health, and two hours of cycling daily helps in weight reduction.


(5)        Time constraints, seasonal variations and easy accessibility of fitness centres have led to a revolution in indoor cycles equipped with the heart rate monitor along with the control of resistance and frequency.  Thus, a person’s performance in accordance with age can be monitored and rescheduled.  In many countries cycling has become popular in the gymnasiums with the introduction of spinning, a group exercise in which an instructor leads a class on bicycle, and workout is done on music.


(6)        Encouraging people to cycle to work is quite an uphill task, although it can reduce not only congestion and pollution on roads but also lead to a healthy society.

2.1       On the basis of your understanding of the above passage answer the questions that  follow : (2×4)

(a)        What are the causes of sedentary lifestyle ?  What are the problems that are caused by sedentary lifestyle ?

(b)        How can cycling as an aerobic activity help people to keep fit ?

(c)        How is cycling beneficial for people with joint problems ?

(d)       Why has indoor cycling become popular ?  Which form of indoor cycling exercise has become popular ?

2.2       Answer the following questions by selecting the correct options : (1×4)

(a)        What is meant by the word, appropriate ? (Para 2)

(i)         enough                        (ii)        convenient

(iii)       acceptable                   (iv)      suitable

(b)        What is meant by the word, ‘ideal’ ? (Para 2)

(i)         perfect                         (ii)        better

(iii)       useful                          (iv)      beneficial

(c)        What is the antonym of the word, ‘sedentary’ ? (Para 1)

(i)         stable                           (ii)        busy

(iii)       settled                         (iv)      active

(d)       What is the antonym of the word, ‘maximum’ ? (Para 3)

(i)         minute                                    (ii)        minimum

(iii)       tiny                              (iv)      micro





3Should academic excellence be the only criterion for judging a child’s capability?  Write an article, in about 100-120 words, highlighting other area in which children can excel.


4Weave a story with the given outline in about 150-200 words.

A son is born to a king-the mother dies in childbirth-a young mother with a baby is chosen as nurse –she nurses both babies together ……


5Read the paragraph given below. Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate words / phrases from the given options.

Finally, the leader (a) __________ his hand, as if the discussion was over.  He (b) __________ reached a decision.  Only then did he turn and look straight (c) __________ me.

(b)hashavehadwill have
6The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the error and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.  The first one has been done as an example.

Error      Correction

The year 2012 marks the 50th anniversary for                          e.g.             for                of

the James Bond films.  A first James Bond                                (a)           _____           _____

movie title, ‘Dr. No’ was released in 1962.                                (b)           _____           _____

Numerous events was held for fans                                           (c)           _____           _____

over the world.                                                                                   (d)           _____           _____


7Rearrange the following words/phrases to make meaningful sentences.

(a)        the depressed /laughter/soul/relieves/and/amuses

(b)        a good exercise/it is/facial muscles/for toning/up

(c)        gives us joy/of friends/in making/a lot/laughter/and helps





Read one of the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow:


8The old man, shivering at times but fixed of purpose, plodded on till he came out of the town gate on to a straight road.  Along this he now went at a somewhat slower pace, supporting himself on his old staff.

(a)        Who was the old man and why was he shivering ?

(b)        Where was he going so early ?

(c)        What does the phrase, ‘plodded on’ mean ?




I’m not satisfied, but it’s the best we can do till our new black’s ready, and Ben and Elizabeth will never have thought about mourning yet, so we’ll outshine them
there –
(a)        Who is not satisfied and with what?(b)        How does the speaker hope to outshine ‘them’ ?(c)        Give a synonym for ‘mourning’?
Answer the following questions in about 30 – 40 words.


9(i)Why does Mrs. Packletide want to kill a tiger ? How does she realise her ambition ?


9(ii)How does Shakespeare in his sonnet, `Not Marble nor the Gilded Monuments’ establish the superiority of Art over Time ?


9(iii)What are the three things that the grandfather planned to do on Monday ?


9(iv)Why did Mrs. Packletide give up big-game shooting ?


Answer one of the following questions in about 80-100 words.


10‘When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It is a necessity.’ Both Nicola and Jacopo were hard working and uncomplaining. You too realised the importance of hard work after reading their story. Write an article in 120- 150 words on the ‘Virtues of Hard Work’




The mirror says; ”I am important to her”. This line shows the dependency of the woman on the mirror. Keeping in mind the above thought, write an article on how even men need reassurance that they are young and handsome.


Answer one of the following questions in about 150-200 words.


11Anne was becoming desperate and hopeless with each passing day in spite of her strong will power. Comment.




Anne’s relationship with her mother was different from the one with her father.  How did it contrast with her feelings for her dad ?




Describe Helen’s relationship with her sister Mildred.




Helen’s intelligence and talent served her well. In what ways then did Helen’s intelligence and talent cause her frustration and rage ?





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