SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT 1 [SA 1] Question Paper SCIENCE Class 9 Term 1

SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT 1 SA 1 Question Paper SCIENCE Class 9 Term 1 Latest New

SA 1 Question Paper SCIENCE Class 9



Class – IX

Time Allowed : 3 hours                                                      Maximum Marks : 90


General Instructions :

1.    The question paper comprises of two Sections, A and B. You are to attempt both the sections.

2.    All questions are compulsory

3.    All questions of Section-A and all questions of Section-B are to be attempted separately.

4.    Question numbers 1 to 3 in Section-A are one mark questions.  These are to be answered in one word or in one sentence

5.    Question numbers 4 to 6 in Sections-A are two marks questions.  These are to be answered in about 30 words each.

6.    Question numbers 7 to 18 in Section-A are three marks questions.  These are to be answered in about 50 words each

7.    Question numbers 19 to 24 in Section-A are five marks questions.  These are to be answered in about 70 words each.

8.    Question numbers 25 to 33 in Section-B are multiple choice questions based on practical skills.  Each question is a one mark question.  You are to select one most appropriate response out of the four provided to you.

9.    Question numbers 34 to 36 in Section-B are questions based on practical skills. Each question is of two marks.

1Name a connective tissue which has a hard matrix.1
2Out of the four physical quantities associated with the motion of an object viz,  Force, Velocity, Acceleration and momentum which one remains constant for all bodies large or small, undergoing a free fall ?1
3While playing football the goalkeeper didn’t get sufficient time to stop a fast ball shot towards him. Why did he hurt his hand while doing so ?1
4How surface area and speed of wind affects the rate of evaporation ?  Explain.2
5Name the four substances stored in vacuoles.2
6 (i)        Name the type of motion in which a body has constant speed but not constant velocity.

(ii)        Velocity time graph of a body is parallel to time axis.  What will be the acceleration of the body ?

7 (a)       Sodium chloride contains two elements, but it is still a pure          substance.  Give reason.

(b)        How would you confirm that a colourless liquid given to you is   pure water ?

8What is evaporation ?  How does the rate of evaporation depend on the speed of wind ?  Explain with the help of an example.3
9List two differences between a pure substance and a mixture.  Give one example of each.3
10Name the stain used to prepare slides like that of onion peel and human cheek cell.  Why is the use of stain necessary ?  Are all the organelles stained equally ?3
11 (a)       Mention the location of parenchyma tissue.

(b)        How is it modified in aquatic plants ?

(c)        What are the other functions that it performs ?

12Car A of mass 1500 kg, travelling at 25 m/s collides with another car B of mass 1000 kg travelling at 15 m/s in the same direction. After collision, the velocity of car A becomes 20 m/s. Calculate the velocity of car B after collision.3
13 (i)           To estimate the height of a bridge over a river, a stone is dropped freely in the river from the bridge. The stone takes 2 seconds to touch the water surface in the river. Calculate the height of the bridge from the water level.

(ii)           When a feather and a stone is dropped from the same height we find that they do not fall with the same speed. Do these objects violate the law that the force of attraction due to gravity does not depend on the mass of the body? Explain.


The following table shows the position of Renu, while she is going to her school.  Draw the distance time graph for the travelled for her motion.

TimeDistance from her

home (km)

06 : 45 am0
07 : 00 am8
01 : 30 pm8
01 : 45 pm0
15Mona weighs 423 N on Earth and 1000 N on the planet Jupiter. What is the gravitational force on Jupiter? (g= 10ms22).3
16A farmer moving along the boundary of a square field of side 12 m completes its one round in 50 s. Find the magnitude of distance and displacement of the farmer at the end of 2 minutes 30 records form the initial position.3
17Baldev was growing a crop continuously in the same field for many years.  He observed that his crops were getting infected by insects.  He discussed this problem with his son Ram who was studying in class IX.   He advised his father to grow different crops in pre-planned succession and grow legumes to increase soil fertility.

(i)         Name the cropping pattern which Baldev’s son suggested.

(ii)        How do leguminous plants increase the soil fertility ?

(iii)       How did Ram solved his father’s problem ?

18Differentiate between “Mixed farming” and “Mixed Cropping”.  Write any three points of difference.3
19There are three beakers A, B, C having salt in water, milk-in water and sand in water respectively. Categorize these as solution, colloid and suspension.  Differentiate these three in terms of particle size, tyndall effect and stability. Also give an example of a solution.5
20 (a)       List out three differences between liquid state and solid state of matter.

(b)        Explain why solid carbon dioxide is called dry ice ?

21 (a)       What are the consequences of the following conditions ?

(i)        A cell having higher water concentration than the            surrounding medium.

(ii)       A cell having lower water concentration than the surrounding medium.

(iii)      A cell having equal water concentration to its surrounding          medium.

(b)        Name the materials of, which the cell membrane and cell wall are composed of.

22 (a)       State Newtons second Law of Motion.  Express it mathematically and find SI unit of force from it.


In the diagram  given above, if the card is flicked away with a jerk, what will you observe ? Explain the reason for this observation.

23Write three points of difference between mass and weight?  How much would a 70 kg astronaut weigh on the moon?  What would be his mass on the earth and on the moon?5
24Define weeds.  Name two common weeds.  Illustrate different methods of controlling weeds in a crop field.5
25A substance ‘X’ was added to the test tube containing a mixture of arhar dal and water, to test the presence of metanil yellow.  The colour of the solution changed to magenta. ‘X’ is :

(a)        conc.  sulphuric acid              (b)        conc. hydrochloric acid

(c)        conc. nitric acid                      (d)       conc. sodium hydroxide

26Yellow brown is the colour of a reagent named :

(a)        dil HCl                                    (b)        safranin

(c)        Iodine solution                       (d)       dil sodium hydroxide

27In a mixture of iron filings and sulphur powder, carbon disulphide is added, label in the following figure the component ‘X’ dissolved in carbon disulphide and ‘Y’ undissolved in carbon disulphide :

(a)        ‘X’ is iron, Y is sulphur.

(b)        ‘X’ is sulphur, Y is iron.

(c)        ‘X’ is iron sulphide Y is iron.

(d)       ‘X’ is sulphur, Y is iron sulphide.

28In the diagrams given below ‘X’ is a mixture of iron filings and sulphur and ‘Y’ is the product obtained by heating the mixture ‘X’ and crushing it to a fine powder.  The correct set of  observation is :

(a)        I                       (b)        II                      (c)        III        (d)       IV

29We observe a brown coating on the iron nail when it is dipped in the copper sulphate solution. It is :

(a)        Iron gets rusted

(b)        Copper is deposited on the iron

(c)        Iron is corroded by the effect of copper sulphate

(d)       All of the above.

30Placing the  coverslip over the material carefully with the help of a needle is important because :

(a)        to prevent drying of material

(b)        to prevent folding of material

(c)        to prevent air bubbles to get trapped

(d)       none of the above

31Dead cells, with lignified cell wall and without nucleus are the description of a simple permanent tissue which is :

(a)        parenchyma                           (b)        collenchyma

(c)        sclerenchyma                         (d)       both (a) and (b)

32On sublimation of ammonium chloride, salt and iron-filings, the component found to stick to the inverted funnel is /are :

(a)     ammonium chloride

(b)     iron filings

(c)     salt

(d)     water vapours

33In an experiment to establish the relationship between weight of a rectangular wooden block lying on a horizontal table and the minimum force required to just move it using a spring balance, the least count of the spring balance used is 0.5 gwt.  When the wooden block started moving the pointer was at 56 mark.  The force at this point is :

(a)        5.6 gwt                                                (b)        28 gwt

(c)        2.8 gwt                                                (d)       44 gwt

34In a given solution chalk powder is the solute and water is the solvent.  Select two criteria on the basis of which nature of solution can be determined. Based on these criteria state the category in which this solution should be placed.2
35Mention the type of thermometer that should be used to determine the melting point of ice in laboratory. What should be the position of bulb of thermometer ?2
36A student recorded the mass of dry raisins as 6.0g and mass of raisins after soaking them in water for about four hours as 10.5g. Calculate the percentage of water absorbed by raisins.  Why do raisins get swelled up ?2


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